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2018 planning

With a view to taking a much needed mental break over the holidays, our team did a strategic planning day this week so that we can start back in 2018 with a solid plan! Does your brand do a year-end post mortem and planning session?

Here’s what we did. We placed ourselves at the Gladstone Hotel on the 21st of December for the day. For $250.00 we had ourselves a sunny boardroom and some peace and quiet to review 2017 and plan for 2018.

It’s easy to get lost in everything that you want that day to be. After all, how often do we pull ourselves away from the office to do some in-depth planning (not often enough!) so we need to make the most of it. Analysis paralysis of forms and charts can preside, but keeping it simple and focusing on what really matters is possible.

We kicked the day off with coffee and asking everyone in the room to share what they felt were the ‘wins’ in 2017. This was a great way to start on a super positive note and that set the tone for the day. Then we jumped into the good stuff – HR, financials, strategy, growth.

I highly recommend this kind of day. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to hurt. For less than $500.00 we came together as a team, laughed, cried and even had lunch.

Here is a handy form to get you started on your team’s planning day. Good luck and we wish a prosperous 2018!

2018 Planning

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