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  1. March 12 Creative Shares

    With Jennifer on her way to Barbados for some much needed fun in the sun, the team is holding down the fort and had the following to share this morning!

  2. Cindy Stradling – Resilience Coach, Facilitator & Founder of Athena Training and Consulting Inc.

    Cindy Stradling is an unbelievable female entrepreneur and the owner of two companies – one is her resilience coaching and facilitating business and the other is called Athena Training & Consulting which specializes in corporate training. She has a lot of great sales takeaways so tune in now!


    March 8 is International Women’s Day — listen to some amazing Canadian entrepreneurial woman talk about what drives them.

  4. March 5 Creative Shares

    It’s the first Monday of March, come check out what the team brought in to share!

  5. Emilee Fernandes – founder of Jem Aesthetics Academy

    Founder of Jem Aesthetics Academy & Jem Glamorganic Medical Spa, Emilee Fernandes talks to us about the amazing techniques she is brining to Canada, how she talks herself into things, and how she believes that ten deep breaths can fix just about any problem.

  6. Feb. 26 Creative Shares

    The Truth and Dare team is pumped about the sunshine and the awesome stuff +

  7. Serena Holmes – podcast with the CEO of Tigris Events

    Today we talk to Serena Holmes, CEO of Tigris Events and one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs (PROFIT and Chatelaine Magazine). Serena shares her journey with us – from losing clients, to working out, and setting boundaries. Tune in for the full interview!

  8. Grant McKeracher – podcast with the founder and CEO of Keen Technology Consulting Inc

    Grant McKeracher is the founder and CEO of Keen Technology Consulting Inc., and today he chats with us about what it’s like to grow a business, why he reads every night, and what he does on Friday mornings at 5:30 AM (it’s probably not what you think it is). Listen now!

  9. Valentine’s Day post

    Love is….

  10. Feb. 12 Creative Shares

    The team came in with great shares before the long weekend!

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