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Podcast Interview with Ema Dantas President and CEO at Language Marketplace


Ema Dantas is CEO and Founder of Language Marketplace. She’s an International translation expert who provides rapid, accurate and ISO certified translation services for corporations and Government agencies. The company’s ‘other language’ niche is often sought out because more than 75% of the world doesn’t speak English or French. *

A former journalist, Ema is an award winning entrepreneur: a multiple recipient of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs from PROFITmagazine as well as leading her company to the Profit 500 list in 2013 of Canada’s Fastest Growning Companies. She was also the recepient of the the President’s Award in recognition of her Public Policy work to benefit fellow WBEs by WBE Canada.

She’s an author, and speaker who’s had numerous interviews for International television and print. An entertaining and passionate personality, Ema has spoken at Journey2success, Keys2accelerate, Imintera, to name a few. Her personal passions of adventure and philanthropy play out in her business. Each year, her team have elected to donate the sum of their personal bonuses to a rotating charity of their choice.
When not at work, Ema can be found volunteering in with school children in Costa Rica, surfing in Barbados or where ever a wave calls her name.

Recently she founded Peaks for Change Foundation. Her goal for the foundation as a charity is to fund-raise for a major cause, which at the moment is to help #endstigma about Mental Health, but also sprinkle their support to other causes as they work towards #leadingchang.

Listen to the full podcast here:


You can find Ema, Language Marketplace and her Peaks for Change Foundation here:

Language Marketplace:

Peaks for Change:
Peaks for Change Twitter

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