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Podcast Interview with Tonia Jahshan – CEO of Sipology by Steeped #1 W100 Winner

Entrepreneurs… would you remortgage your family home 3 times to keep the business growing and afloat?

Listen to Tonia Jahshan tell her story of entrepreneurship and how a delicious cup of tea changed her life.

On a trip to Nova Scotia back in 2006, a cup of Cream of Earl Grey changed everything. This tea was so much more than any tea she had ever had and it ultimately inspired an idea deep within her to bring loose leaf tea to the world. Steeped Tea was born in 2006, after many failed attempts including her Mom baking 100 dozen shortbread cookies for an event that 2 people showed up to.

In our chat we talk about failure, losing the trust of an employee and the literal ups and downs of revenue, cash flow and business.

Running on empty came to a head when her therapist said “You need to start taking care of yourself.” yet she had no idea what that meant.

Here’s how she copes today:

  1. Meditation every morning for at least 10 minutes after her cup of tea 🙂
  2. Exercise at least 3 times per week.
  3. Mindfulness with her children which is still a challenge. To her this means stopping and enjoying the moment – trying not to think about work and the problems that are sitting on her desk. She admits it’s a big challenge to pause work and focus on her children. Seems so unmotherly but certainly many of us can relate.

Tonia is the winner of the Profit 500 many times over, listed as #1 on the Profit 100, a Dragon’s Den success story that started a bidding war and is still innovating every day.

Let’s meet Tonia.

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